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Safe, Efficient & Professional Pumping Services


Full Service Acidizing/Pumping Company


Full Service Acidizing / Acid Logistics Company

Purpose-Built Company

Acquire Oilfield Solutions was built around providing flexible acidizing solutions to clients with a wide range of pumping capabilities designed to range from low rate high pressure jobs to low pressure high rate jobs. Acquire has the capability to capture all the key data points before, during, and after a job. This information can be transmitted real-time for remote viewing. On-site pumping can be supervised from climate controlled cabins on the pumps or from provided tablets anywhere on location.

Key Offerings

Customer satisfaction through safety-orientated, qualified personnel working with industry leading equipment is the primary goal of Acquire Oilfield Solutions. From the first-call to the rig-down, Acquire strives to provide superior service. Purpose-built equipment and strategic planning allow Acquire to put less equipment and personnel on location passing on efficiencies and cost-savings to the customer.

Crews and personnel are available 24/7 to meet any acidizing or pressure pumping requests, regardless of time or location.


Acquire puts safety above any other aspect of our operations. From our equipment to personnel no aspect of our safety program is unaccounted for. We meet or exceed every certification and testing requirement. Acquire is a member of ISNetworld and is able to meet any other safety auditing or verification requirements.


Acquire Oilfield Solutions was founded by Chandler Losing and Dylan Rowe, two petroleum engineers working in Midland, TX. Acquire was founded with the ambition to provide premier full-service acidizing services and pressure pumping support across the Permian Basin. Paired with a strong safety culture, knowledge, experience, and capable equipment, we look to set the bar!


Pump 1&2 – 1200HP Double Pump

Industry-leading restraint system rated to 15,000psi. Restraints are inspected yearly and are insured to $10 million by manufacturer.
2-600 series SPM power-ends with separate power sources. Pump 1 has 3.5” fluid ends rated for 10,000psi and rates from ¼ to 14 BPM. Pump 2 has 4.5” fluid ends rated for 6,600psi and up to 26 BPM.
Birdseye view, climate controlled cabin with state of the art data acquisition software. Real-time pumping data access from anywhere in the world. Connected tablets allow job access from anywhere on location.
2 independent hydraulic systems paired with 2 centrifugal pumps and hydraulic agitators in both displacement tanks.
Twin 10-bbl displacement tanks capable of recirculating fluid. Tanks also serve as self-contained bleed-off/pop-off system.
Equipped w/ 110ft of 2” 1502 iron inspected yearly, 100ft of 4” suction discharge hoses, and crossovers to 1502 ranging from 2” line pipe to 5.5” casing. (300ft of iron & 200ft of hoses per unit available on request)

Acid Transports (3) 5,000gal FRP

Full FRP build ensures capability to transport any percentage HCL acid and most hazmat chemicals
Air-operated valves and emergency shut-down system, air unloading capability to safely and quickly unload bulk acid on location.
Entire Acquire OFS staff is HAZMAT licensed, allowing for 24/7 access to acid and chemical.

Trailer-Mounted Blender

Fully-independent blender driven by Cat 3116 motor
Capable of mixing diverting agents and other solid chemicals/products
Rigged-up on 40’ flatbed capable of hauling 15,000lbs of diverting agent
Safe, effective unit for high-rate diversion and solid additive jobs as well as sand plugs.

For more information on our equipment, download our informational flyer.

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